That’s Okay With Me

There’s a misconception that The Simpsons and Family Guy are alike because they reference things. In fact, these days, nearly any show/movie/comic book that references another piece of work risks being labeled as Family Guy-style. Or is explained as “You know, like Family Guy.” Worse yet, someone pulls out “Family Guy-esque.” Yeah, you took aContinue reading “That’s Okay With Me”

Read This Comic For Charity: Hawkeye #7

“Paul, you’re always talking about Hawkeye! What’s so great about it?” Well, anonymous reader that found this site while searching for porn, I believe I’ve written about it extensively. I’ve mostly said things like: “It’s awesome.” “Hawkeye is awesome. Both the character AND the book.” “I have a writer crush on Matt Fraction.” “David AjaContinue reading “Read This Comic For Charity: Hawkeye #7”

It’s Christmas Time in Hollis, Queens

John McClane: “How about some Christmas music?” Argyle: “MAN, this IS Christmas music!” – John McTiernan’s Die Hard, 1988 There are few Christmas songs that are better than Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis.” There are few songs, period, that are better. Go ahead, play this track down as you read through this post (OR, playContinue reading “It’s Christmas Time in Hollis, Queens”

Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One

Because I either won’t be able to limit myself to a Top 10 or have enough content to make it to Top 10! Also, why be like everyone else, when I can be a quirky variation on everyone else instead? Ha-HA! Merry Christmas you old building and loan! Hawkeye   I think I’ve stressed howContinue reading “Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One”

Buy Someone A Comic For The Holidays This Year

This is probably the angriest Holiday Gift Guide you’ll read this year. I’m leaving ugly full URLs up cause I’m in a “people are stupid and won’t understand what to click through” mood. The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard: I heard “The Walking Dead was a comic book first!?!? tooContinue reading “Buy Someone A Comic For The Holidays This Year”

Not, NOW! Then! Not THEN, Now! (Oh, and Hawkeye is still awesome)

Marvel NOW! Well. It’s maybe slightly better than DC’s New 52 as far as stupid marketing names go, but it’s mostly a stupid marketing name that’s been slapped on a number of good comics. Last year, DC Comics relaunched their entire superhero line by canceling every title it was publishing, and launching 52 series startingContinue reading “Not, NOW! Then! Not THEN, Now! (Oh, and Hawkeye is still awesome)”

Awesome Comics Are Awesome: Comics I Bought, Week of 10/17/12

More Horror! Bongo Comics has been adding issues of Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror to Comixology and I’ve been buying them. It’s interesting seeing The Simpsons in another medium, and honestly theses horror parodies are a better fit than a “normal” Simpsons comic book seems to be. It also helps that issue #13 which IContinue reading “Awesome Comics Are Awesome: Comics I Bought, Week of 10/17/12”

What I Bought: Week of 9/7/12

AKA: Hawkeye is great at boats! See! Anyway, here’s a run through of what I purchased this week (on Comixology). Quick, short form recommendations, GO! (Soundtrack for this post “Caught by the Fuzz” by Supergrass) First off, Hawkeye #2 by Matt Fraction and David Aja Aside from the simple “this is what Hawkeye does whenContinue reading “What I Bought: Week of 9/7/12”