Awesome Comics Are Awesome: Comics I Bought, Week of 10/17/12

More Horror! Bongo Comics has been adding issues of Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror to Comixology and I’ve been buying them. It’s interesting seeing The Simpsons in another medium, and honestly theses horror parodies are a better fit than a “normal” Simpsons comic book seems to be. It also helps that issue #13 which IContinue reading “Awesome Comics Are Awesome: Comics I Bought, Week of 10/17/12”

Atomic Robo or “What Hath Mad Science Wrought?”

I gotta tell y’all about Atomic Robo. Comixology is having a sale, where you can get the first six issues for only $3.99. I did. (EDIT: This sale is now over, but it’s still only $8 for a lot of good content. So instead of buying liquor, or saving for your child’s education, buy someContinue reading “Atomic Robo or “What Hath Mad Science Wrought?””