Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One

Because I either won’t be able to limit myself to a Top 10 or have enough content to make it to Top 10! Also, why be like everyone else, when I can be a quirky variation on everyone else instead? Ha-HA! Merry Christmas you old building and loan! Hawkeye   I think I’ve stressed howContinue reading “Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One”

Some People Call Me A Ghost Cowboy…

…some call me a werewolf of loooove. Some people call me Maur- Sorry. When I get bad jokes or bad writing in my head, I get it out. But I don’t get it out and delete it, nope, I share it with y’all. This is yet another horror comic recommendation, and FYI, I am totallyContinue reading “Some People Call Me A Ghost Cowboy…”