What I Bought: Week of 9/7/12

AKA: Hawkeye is great at boats!


Anyway, here’s a run through of what I purchased this week (on Comixology). Quick, short form recommendations, GO!

(Soundtrack for this post “Caught by the Fuzz” by Supergrass)

First off, Hawkeye #2 by Matt Fraction and David Aja

Aside from the simple “this is what Hawkeye does when not on missions with Avengers” concept, there are hints at something larger for the book and for Hawkeye’s character. He’s a man who’s attempting to make up for his past as a criminal, his past with women, but on top of that, he’s also trying to solve things that are at his level. Fraction and Aja are doing an amazing job at making Hawkeye into more than the stock 60s Marvel hothead character that he’s been for 40+ years, and are telling a hell of an entertaining story while doing so. Also, another amazing job by Matt Hollingsworth on color. The dude is making me love the color purple (the actual color, not the film starring Oprah) even more than I already did.

Seriously, if I’ve told you to read this comic (I Have!) and you haven’t (You probably haven’t!), punch yourself in the face, and then read it. If by next month’s issue, you still haven’t read it, there will be more face punching.

Remember when I told you about Runaways??? Well, if you enjoyed that post, and enjoyed that comic, then my next purchase is for you!

Morning Glories Volume 3: PE by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma.

This is a series I intend to go more in-depth on, but the basics, here, for you: Six kids start a semester at the exclusive Morning Glory Academy. Things immediately get weird. And not like, climbing the jump rope in gym class weird, but your teachers murdered your parents and are trying to drown you weird. Also, there’s time travel. I will write more about this, but for now, head on over to Comixology and buy the first issue, or the first trade, as it’s all on sale for super cheap this weekend. I’ve been reading this series for about a year, and I’m still totally into ALL of it’s mysteries, both plot and character based. Again, I intend to do a more detailed post on the series, but it’s got a quick, engaging story with snappy dialogue. Eisma’s art is really fun, and he manages to retell scenes from different character POVs without making you feel like you’ve read it already.

Revival #1 by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton. “The Dead Walk.” Put that somewhere in your logline and you’re guaranteed my interest if not my moneys.


Now Revival doesn’t appear to be about straight-up zombies. Maybe a little bit more in the Pet Semetary or Re-Animator vein. Dead people seem to come back, and come back wrong, and it’s localized to one small town. No one knows what to make of it, or what to do. No matter what’s going on, Seeley and Norton have me hooked for at least another issue. Seeley’s plot gives just enough, but leaves a lot of mystery intact, while Norton’s art is clean, kinetic, and a bit scary. There’s also a beautiful sequence with a zorse (1/2 zebra, 1/2 horse) that kicks off the issue, and I will not share ANY of it with you, cause I want you to go read it yourself.



I’ll give you a little taste.


A special shout out to “dougvondoom” for recommending Revival in the comments!




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