Read This Comic For Charity: Hawkeye #7

“Paul, you’re always talking about Hawkeye! What’s so great about it?” Well, anonymous reader that found this site while searching for porn, I believe I’ve written about it extensively. I’ve mostly said things like: “It’s awesome.” “Hawkeye is awesome. Both the character AND the book.” “I have a writer crush on Matt Fraction.” “David AjaContinue reading “Read This Comic For Charity: Hawkeye #7”

1/11/13: Buy This Right Now, Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and others

Sorry for the “and others” other talented artists that have brought Uncanny X-Force to life, but time is of the essence (Quick time-essence break, the colors on this book? RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, courtesy of Dean White. This comic is like a dark and scary and awesome dream because of that guy)! Ok, folks.┬áThe first 31 issuesContinue reading “1/11/13: Buy This Right Now, Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and others”

An Argument, A Theory, and Finally A Recommendation

It’s a testament to my current lack of clear goals and low self esteem that I consider today my all-time writing achievement: Getting retweeted by 4 people I don’t know, and becoming involved in an internet argument. Anyway, I jumped into an argument between comic book journalists Tom Spurgeon and Heidi MacDonald. He writes forContinue reading “An Argument, A Theory, and Finally A Recommendation”