Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part 3: The Dead Walk!

Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton When is a zombie story not a zombie story? Well, Riddler, when it’s a Rural Noir! (I seriously did not notice that it said “A rural noir” above the title of every issue until the latest one. But in all fairness, this issue is the pulpiest). Sexy lady?Continue reading “Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part 3: The Dead Walk!”

Stuff I Bought, Week of 9/15/12 (SUPER VALUE EDITION!)

First off, I bought the latest issue of Saga, which was not really a new comic, but the price dropped on Comixology, so I purchased it! And then wrote about it, along with the previous two issues, here!┬áBut on it’s own, issue six is a nice bridge from the world building that’s been going onContinue reading “Stuff I Bought, Week of 9/15/12 (SUPER VALUE EDITION!)”

What I Bought: Week of 9/7/12

AKA: Hawkeye is great at boats! See! Anyway, here’s a run through of what I purchased this week (on Comixology). Quick, short form recommendations, GO! (Soundtrack for this post “Caught by the Fuzz” by Supergrass) First off, Hawkeye #2 by Matt Fraction and David Aja Aside from the simple “this is what Hawkeye does whenContinue reading “What I Bought: Week of 9/7/12”