Awesome Comics Are Awesome: Comics I Bought, Week of 10/17/12

More Horror!

Bongo Comics has been adding issues of Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror to Comixology and I’ve been buying them. It’s interesting seeing The Simpsons in another medium, and honestly theses horror parodies are a better fit than a “normal” Simpsons comic book seems to be. It also helps that issue #13 which I purchased this week, has contributions from comedians Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt, and Thomas Lennon. Also, rather than attempting to strictly adhere to the character designs of the show, the artists on this book are given a bit more freedom to blend in the looks from the horror films and comic books that are being parodied.

I’m gonna make you buy this.

Horror, more of it!

Revival #3 continues to world build, or rather town build as we’re introduced to a few more of the characters around town, while checking in on some of the living dead we’ve met so far. The horror is built upon in visual, physical ways like above, and through terrifying comic book sound effects like below. Nookie as your ring tone? Who knows if that girl’s life is in danger or not, but her not being trapped in a room with a douche is DEFINITELY in danger.

So yeah, I am still hearting this comic by Misters Tim Seeley and Mike Norton very muchly. Like I mentioned the last time I talked about Revival, physical copies of it are selling like hotcakes, so I recommend buying some digital hotcakes on Comixology.

Seriously, you’re gonna be all up in this comic book.


Issue 3 of Hawkeye, entitled “Cherry,” by the gentlemen listed in the above panel, continues to prove that I am right for buying this comic month after month and you are wrong for ignoring me and not buying it. (If you are reading it, isn’t it totally awesome?????)

Yes, bro. It is awesome. So there’s a new show out called Arrow. I haven’t seen it. It’s based on Green Arrow, but I guess the kids hate adjectives these days, so they lost the “Green.” And it looks super serious in a way that people afraid of genres of any kind can only make things. Anyway, Hawkeye and Green Arrow are the archery based super heroes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and aside from that, they have one thing in common: Trick Arrows. Electric arrows, handcuff arrows, sonic arrows, boomerang arrows, ETC. Some creators will deal with it snarkily. The team on Hawkeye embraces the ridiculous, flips it, reverses it, grates some fresh cheese over it, and serves up a meat and potato filled comic book experience of AWESOME. I will overuse the shit out of that word. It will lose meaning, and then be given new meaning, and be defined simply through the use of this comic book.

In addition to taking back trick arrows for everyone, Fraction and Aja also take back comic sound effects. Too often, comic book sound effects are seen as some archaic thing, a sign that the medium is cheesy. Well, when “CRASH” is an integral part of your panel composition like in the panel above, you’re taking sound effects FOR SERIOUS.

The other thing Fraction and Aja are up to is cramming so much action into so many panels onto so few pages, you’ll swear you’re enjoying the nooks and butter filled crannies of a well toasted English Muffin. Does that make sense? It doesn’t matter does it? This is an artfully crafted AND entertaining comic book and it is something that makes me excited about this medium every single month. Even in the quiet, tense moments portrayed below:

And then of course, there are the bat-shit moments that have our main character, Clint Barton, leaping away from gunfire in the nude, his naughty bits obscured by a retro-styled icon representative of his classic look.

All of these comics. I bought them. You should buy them (Especially Hawkeye!). I purchased them on Comixology, but you can also stroll into your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store, and buy them there. Or buy them online and have them shipped to you. I don’t care! Just buy them, you’ll like them.

Buy Hawkeye. Do it. You’ll thank me.

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