“Patronizing Headline About How Comics Aren’t For One Sub-Group of People Anymore!”

I created this site in an attempt to get tell people about the comics that I love, and engage them in discussions about said comics. Some folks are reading it, though based on search terms a number of you are here because I’ve typed the words “Sex,” “boobs” and “boobs sex comics” one time orContinue reading ““Patronizing Headline About How Comics Aren’t For One Sub-Group of People Anymore!””

Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One

Because I either won’t be able to limit myself to a Top 10 or have enough content to make it to Top 10! Also, why be like everyone else, when I can be a quirky variation on everyone else instead? Ha-HA! Merry Christmas you old building and loan! Hawkeye   I think I’ve stressed howContinue reading “Things I Loved About Comics This Year Part One”

Stuff I Bought, Week of 9/15/12 (SUPER VALUE EDITION!)

First off, I bought the latest issue of Saga, which was not really a new comic, but the price dropped on Comixology, so I purchased it! And then wrote about it, along with the previous two issues, here!┬áBut on it’s own, issue six is a nice bridge from the world building that’s been going onContinue reading “Stuff I Bought, Week of 9/15/12 (SUPER VALUE EDITION!)”

Saga: Issues 4-5…Oh, wait…no, a distraction

I was all set to tell y’all about Saga issues 4-5 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, but then, a few pages into issue 4… Double page sex planet spread! (Haha…sex planet…spread…) Then I was ready to buck up. To be mature. To be an adult. Then I honed in on this panel.  Continue reading “Saga: Issues 4-5…Oh, wait…no, a distraction”