Atomic Robo or “What Hath Mad Science Wrought?”

I gotta tell y’all about Atomic Robo. Comixology is having a sale, where you can get the first six issues for only $3.99. I did. (EDIT: This sale is now over, but it’s still only $8 for a lot of good content. So instead of buying liquor, or saving for your child’s education, buy some comics). And you want to be like me, right? Of course you do.

I’ve read about 3 or 4 issues of Atomic Robo so far, mainly the free ones that were on Comixology, which meant that I was jumping around a bit in terms of when the issues were published, but it really didn’t matter. Brian Clevenger and Scott Wegener have mashed up legit science with absurd characters in a series of (mostly) stand-alone adventures. You can pretty much pick up any issue and not feel lost or like you’re missing anything.

Atomic Robo is a robot designed by Nikola Tesla (I know, I know, everyone loves him now) who goes on adventures around the world, taking place at various times throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. His nemesis is Dr. Dinosaur, an “intelligent” Velociraptor. He also fights Nazis, giant ants, and also fights Dr. Dinosaur a bunch more. There’s not much else for me to say about this series, I don’t think I have to, but if I have to sum it up in some sort of back cover blurb, then I’d say:

“Clevenger’s words and Wegener’s art mesh together beautifully for a maximum level of silliness.” – Paul DeKams, Read This Comic!*

* I will happily blurb things in order to get my name more out there. Please contact my blurbing agent for bookings.

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