Say Hello To The Bad Guy…

When talking about comics with people that aren’t into comics a book that comes up a lot is Sandman. Sandman is, in my experience, the most recommended book to people who don’t like comics, haven’t read a comic, don’t take comic books seriously, or think comics are ____________ (insert sweeping generalization). It’s a great comic,Continue reading “Say Hello To The Bad Guy…”

Buy Things With Your Moneys: Digital Comic Books

This post is entirely for digital or digital curious readers. I’ve been reading comic books digitally for about a year now. I’ve read a couple of print things here and there, but I love reading panel by panel. As far as my (fast) style of reading goes, it helps me linger and study each panelContinue reading “Buy Things With Your Moneys: Digital Comic Books”

So, You Saw The Avengers Movie…

And totally thought Hawkeye was awesome, right? If that’s not your takeaway, well. Shut up. My mission statement for this blog has been to get some knowledge out there about some comics that are good. Part one of this has been to make y’all understand that comics and not entirely defined by superhero comics. I’veContinue reading “So, You Saw The Avengers Movie…”

An Argument, A Theory, and Finally A Recommendation

It’s a testament to my current lack of clear goals and low self esteem that I consider today my all-time writing achievement: Getting retweeted by 4 people I don’t know, and becoming involved in an internet argument. Anyway, I jumped into an argument between comic book journalists Tom Spurgeon and Heidi MacDonald. He writes forContinue reading “An Argument, A Theory, and Finally A Recommendation”