Everyone Dance To The Pumpkin Song

Remember when I said I would re-post previous horror comic recommendations in the build up to Halloween? I told the truth!

I made so many recommendations! I talked about Locke & Key, American Vampire, maybe I mentioned some other stuff? I don’t know, go click over there and read it and come back.

I know, ladies, it’s EXCITING.

And then I made MORE recommendations. Like iZombie and Full Moon Fever (Werewolves on the moon, bitches).

Shit was crazy.  Not that crazy, but man, do I love that page of comics. COMICS! So why don’t I tell you to read Casanova again? Do it!

But anyway, Horror!  I’ve also mentioned that y’all should check out Revival, Dead West, and probably some other things too. Click around the site…if you dare!

Throughout this month, I’ll talk about more horror comics. Including one I may have unfortunately included amongst the giant batch that I sold to a comic store this summer. I think it was the first horror comic I purchased, and it featured Dracula taking on…Spider-Man. It was great. Spider-Man had to get some experimental medicine for Aunt May, but that medicine ALSO could potentially kill vampires. (SCIENCE). Naturally, Dracula wasn’t having any of that, so he snuck aboard a ship (this medicine was traveling by boat) to kill the scientists who made this vampire killing/elderly curing medicine. Spider-Man saved the day, and Dracula ran away (as he often does).

There was also a short comic about a private eye hired to protect a guy from a vampire. But then it turns out the private eye is a vampire too…WHAT? It was great. I seriously think I got rid of this comic, and I’m having some serious regret right now.

Regret aside, I will be telling y’all about more horror comics this month, cause Halloween is here, it’s not 29 days away…it’s EVERY DAY.




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Paul DeKams is a socially awkward malcontent working in marketing in New York City. So, yeah, he’s a writer. He's written a few independent film projects, written a blog about comics, and even has an embarrassing Live Journal you can find if you try really hard.

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