Everyone Dance To The Pumpkin Song

Remember when I said I would re-post previous horror comic recommendations in the build up to Halloween? I told the truth! I made so many recommendations! I talked about Locke & Key, American Vampire, maybe I mentioned some other stuff? I don’t know, go click over there and read it and come back. I know,Continue reading “Everyone Dance To The Pumpkin Song”

Life Is Lame So Let Me Eat Your Brain, AKA More Horror Recommendations

Soundtrack for today’s post: “Zombie Graveyard Party” by Be Your Own Pet, a song which quotes the first, if not the second as well, Return of the Living Dead film. Both films DO feature actor Thom Matthews as a zombie trying to pressure his girlfriend into letting him eat her brains (IT’S A METAPHOR). ButContinue reading “Life Is Lame So Let Me Eat Your Brain, AKA More Horror Recommendations”