Captain America, Vampire Slayer

Vampire Week continues! Allow me a brief moment of wistful nostalgia if you will. You will? Oh, thank you, sir or madam! See, it used to be that you could buy comics ANYWHERE. Grocery stores, drug stores, stationary stores, toy stores, tire repair shops…okay, maybe not tire repair shops, but the point is, they weren’tContinue reading “Captain America, Vampire Slayer”

Tales of The Vampires (That do not sparkle or look mopey)

I hereby declare this…VAMPIRE WEEK! Yes, much like Shark Week, except Sharks haven’t been neutered by a series of crappy teen romance novels and films. During Vampire Week I will attempt to remind you that Vampires are great, mainly through comic books, but I will sprinkle in some references to great vamp literature, films, andContinue reading “Tales of The Vampires (That do not sparkle or look mopey)”