Andy Rooney, The Living Planet!

The years spent on 60 Minutes hadn’t been enough. If only he had the full sixty minutes to himself. Andy Rooney silently cursed Mike Wallace. People just didn’t understand how things used to be. They didn’t understand how awful things were. He needed to take action. He stripped naked. It wasn’t hard, considering he wasContinue reading “Andy Rooney, The Living Planet!”

The Shy Trivia Night Host

An ode to to the anonymous trivia host at Sunswick’s “Trivia Night” “Oh God.” He covered his mouth. Did he say that out loud? Did they hear or see him? He darted back into the men’s room and vomited, just barely making it to a toilet. The group was there again. For trivia night. TheContinue reading “The Shy Trivia Night Host”