Hey Paul, What Should I Read?

Some of you have been reading and liking these posts. Maybe you’re going to read the comics I’ve recommended, but maybe you really really (REALLY!) want a specific recommendation to your tastes. “Hey Paul, I like chicken tenders and hot dogs, and don’t like vegetables, which comic should I read?” Well, hypothetical reader, you soundContinue reading “Hey Paul, What Should I Read?”

Owly Vol. 1: The Way Home by Andy Runton

After my last grumptastic post, it’s time to get back on track with what this blog’s about: telling you about good stuff that I want you to enjoy! Lately, I’ve been all about Comixology. Comixology is a digital comic book app/storefront that works on your Mac, PC, as well as on iPhone, iPad and mostContinue reading “Owly Vol. 1: The Way Home by Andy Runton”