Whenever a book is adapted into a film, that book is suddenly everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Look at The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Look at it!(Bale-Batman voice)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. And my throat hurts now. Anyway, you couldn’t ride public transportation, go to the beach or do some other activity where people read in public without seeing Stieg Larsson’s book. Pleasantries of “Oh, I’m reading that, too!” were exchanged, as they have been with The DaVinci Code, The Hunger Games and, um…that other thing everybody else read and then you felt you kinda had to read too.

Iron Man: Demon in a … it doesn’t matter, you’re not going to read it anyway!

Ok, my point, and there is some semblance of a point in here, is that through the magic of Hollywood buying rights to high concept or popular novels, people then will read the novels so that they know what’s going on in time for the release of the film. Why this is necessary, I don’t know, since the movie’s taking all the hard work of reading on for you, but hey, people are crazy. So why doesn’t this work for comic books and comic book movies? Everytime a movie based on a comic book comes out, the comic book internet fanbase bemoans the fact that the publishers aren’t doing enough. That there should be free comics with movie tickets. That the end credits should tell you where to buy comics. Etc. ETC, dammit.

No. The point is, superhero comics are confusing. A person who DOES want to read the comic the movie is based on is going to have some trouble, since its very rare that a comic book movie is based on an actual comic. Oh yeah, superhero movies are confusing too. Because rather than take an individual story from 70+ years of serialized content, they cherry pick here and there and put it all in a pot, and baby, you’ve got a movie. And for the rare films that can be traced back to some source material, the publishers pretty much fail at putting a big old “NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE” sticker on the front.


But anyway, what’s this all about? I want people to read comics. Not just superhero comics. I know they’re not going to read those. I want my sister-in-law who watches The Walking Dead to read the comic it’s based on. I want my dad who loves crime novels to read Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell. And I want the coworker who bitches about “comics today” to read Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba’s Casanova. I want to use this site to get the word out to all my friends and followers and I guess my jerk family(j/k, love you guys!) too about the art that I love. I want to share this with you, and this site is going to help me do so.

I gave my friends Seth and Chris access too so they can write some stuff. This is mostly going to be about sharing comics, but it’ll also be about other stuff too. I try to relate and to communicate myself through art. And when I’m not making my own, which is more often than not, I tell people to: See this movie. Watch this show. Check out this book. And now, Read This Comic!

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Paul DeKams is a socially awkward malcontent working in marketing in New York City. So, yeah, he’s a writer. He's written a few independent film projects, written a blog about comics, and even has an embarrassing Live Journal you can find if you try really hard.

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