Why Read Comics?

People write off comics because they’re for kids. Because they’re all Superhero or Sci-Fi, or whatever genre that has been deemed below them. You don’t not listen to music because you hate rap or country(the two most divisive music genres ever), you don’t not read books because you think Harry Potter is dumb (it’s not). Yet comics are allowed to be treated as trash because they’ve been dominated by men in bright tights. It’s been forgotten that comics are just another medium in which artists can tell a story. Comics are not animation. Comics are not movies or television. Comics are not just words with pictures.

Comics are “funny books,” they’re “graphic novels,” they’re “sequential art,” and some comics are COMICS!

This site is an exploration of my own understanding and appreciation of the comic book medium, and hopefully in doing so, I’ll encourage a few people to give something new a try.